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Mouse Chased Cat Productions is a multi-award winning company set up in 2016 to showcase a series of short films into festivals before launching into its first feature, Shadows' End.

Our first short film, Finding Hope, was filmed in February 2017. After editing was complete, we entered the film into several film festivals, attracting high levels of interest from festival officials. We have since

Rather than a 'fixed' team, Mouse Chased Cat Productions Ltd works with a variety of skilled and independent professionals. This enables us to keep creativity at our core, while ensuring that the directors and producers who join our projects are free to to bring in skilled professionals of their choice as well. Please see the pages on our individual projects for information on the great talent we work with.

Jean Maye – Screenwriter & Producer

JeanJean comes from a background in Local Authority social care. Past roles have also included work in prisons, hospices, fostering, adoption and child protection. A published and best-selling author in this field, her creative writing skills are also supported by a varied range of qualifications including a summer course at Oxford University in ‘Writing for Radio’, a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing at Kingston University in 2012 and a Producers Foundation Certificate, presented by Raindance in 2014.

In 2013, she produced a promotional trailer for her feature film Shadows’ End. After a long period of ill-health, Jean is now updating the script for Shadows' End and is seeking executive producers/film financiers to help push this film into production. She is also looking for another producer to join the project so if you are interested then please get in touch!

Jean has been developing creative writing projects and working on the occasional film in a variety of capacities and has set up a new production company.

She has spent the last few years learning and developing both creating writing and film skills by gaining hands-on experience and by attending various seminars and festivals, including the London Screenwriter’s Festival and workshops run by Euroscript. Jean has continued to work closely with Euroscript and Hollywood script editor Linda Seger.

Screenwriting credits:

  • Finding Hope (March 2017)
  • Shadows' End Film Trailer (Feature in progress)
  • Tides (November 2017)
  • The Adventurer's Diary (2018, in progress)

Producer credits:

  • Finding Hope (March 2017)
  • Shadows’ End Film Trailer  (2014) 

Casting Director credits:

  • Shadows' End Film Trailer
  • Finding Hope (March 2017)

Location credits:

  • Shadows' End Film Trailer
  • Finding Hope (March 2017)
  • Smile (2016)
  • Trebble Cleff (2016)

Associate Producer credits:

  • Be Heard (Short) Judy Goldburg
  • The Journey 2014 (Feature) Lance Neilson Film
  • Kaleidoscope Man (Feature) 2015 Simon Cox Film

Stills photographer – Rachel Blewett

Rachel has over 20 years' industry experience designing and producing motion graphics for television. During this time she worked predominantly at Sky News, the award-winning 24 hour news channel and latterly at IMG, the leading sports production company. At Sky, as well as producing live to air graphics and for large projects such as General Elections, Rachel also worked with commercial clients Amazon, QJump and The Business Newspaper to design and/or produce sponsorship segments for Sky News programming. More recently at IMG, she designed motion graphics for The Premier League, AELTC Wimbledon, the FEI, Channel 4 Racing and various others. Rachel also worked on outside broadcasts, including at the Cheltenham Festival, at Wimbledon and the SEA Games in Singapore.

Rachel now works on a freelance basis as High Horse Media, offering motion graphics as well as graphic design and photography services. Recent work has been for Burghley Horse Trials (BBC), the Event Rider Masters Series, as well as work for Astra Zeneca, Liquid Hub Media to name a few. Rachel also offers unit stills photography for features and also can provide design work for programme pitches, treatments and other complementary design services.

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