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Included with this template is the excellent FlexGallery module extension. This stylish portfolio extension is an ideal solution to showcase site content in to attractive image boxes which can then be linked to a URL of your choice. This extension is styled specifically for this template so it will blend seamlessly with the rest of the styling on your page.

For those of you who are familiar with Joomla51 templates and have used our popular GridGallery module will find the FlexGallery to be very similar with the exception that the FlexGallery module sets the images in to a chosen number of columns rather fixed widths. This makes the FlexGallery perfect when designing for multiple screens sizes and browser widths. Easily add title and description text for each image using the corresponding fields. Responsive options allow you to easily set the number of columns to display depending on the device it is been viewed on. Multiple color choosers allow you to style the different elements of boxes to your own taste making this module highly flexible, versatile and the perfect option when showcasing your images.

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