The Adventurer’s Diary (2017/18)
An elderly woman takes one final adventure!

Patricia Loveland
Francesca Louise White
Jem Rycraft

(This will be filmed as soon as finances are in place).


Austin Film Festival – The screenplay got through over 8,500 other entries to Second Rounders (Semi-finalist position).  

Hollywood Just4Shorts Film and Screenplay Competition – Semi-finalist, Screenplay


Lance Nielsen has worked as an independent Screenwriter and Playwright since 1997. As a playwright he has won a Peter Brook Award & 'The Best Talent in New Writing' with the Liverpool Arts and Entertainment and Time Out's Critics' Choice twice. His work frequently tackles topics in the social, historical and political arenas. He has written & directed plays about the subjects of Hillsborough, Northern Ireland, The Victoria Climbie Inquiry and The Marchioness Disaster. He also did the 1920s musical The East End of Chicago and the award-winning comedy Making Time.
Since attending the GFM Masterclass of 2012 he has not stopped working. His first feature film, The Journey starring Jason Flemyng and Lindsey Coulson, has already picked up 5 awards at festivals around the world including one for him as Best Director at the St Tropez Film Festival and is up for four more this November, including Best Director. He also just won The Isle of Man short film pitch challenge and had his project picked from 12 others to be part of their new initiative for 2016.
Lance regularly runs screenwriting workshops and the odd acting workshop in his spare time. He has another three feature screenplays in development and is the lead writer on the new African set television series The Accountant which he describes as 'House of Cards meets 24' where he is also directing four episodes. Currently,  he has several feature films in development including the historical war movie epic Pegasus Bridge. More recently he just completed the first in a series of Science Fiction drama novels - Diamonds In The Sky, Parousia - and has also written a stage play about the rivalry between the cast on the shooting of the original Magnificent Seven film.



Cheryl NeveCheryl Neve is a British actress, screenwriter and producer who has not only won awards for her short films, but has also been a judge at two international film festivals, Top Shorts and Actors Awards.

She has been involved in a number of recent projects, such as spy thriller series The Doorman, feature films Sitting Under The Chestnut Tree and The Point of No Return, and has just been cast in the the US Vice franchise series. She is looking forward to playing the role of the Air Hostess in The Adventurer's Diary and seeing Jean's fantastic story come to life.


Writing award

At the Austin Film/Screenwriting Festival, The Adventurer's Diary script was placed out of 9,000 and given Distinction status.


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