Tides (2017/18)
An elderly woman reminisces about her life and the adventures she used to have.

Tides poster

The prequel to The Adventurer's Diary, starring the incredible Patricia Loveland.

Directed by the amazingly talented Benjamin Wicks (Shoreditch Pictures). 

Patricia Loveland
Jem Rycraft
Grace Parry
Joe Hughes
Abigail Scott
Beverley Reilly

Festigious WinnerFestigious Winner

Festigious Los Angeles International Film Festival (February 2018)
Best Narrative Film - presented to Jean Maye & Ben Wicks
Best Score - presented to Aaron Latina

Los Angeles Film Festival 2018

Los Angeles Film Awards (2018)
Honorable Mention: Indie Filmmaker - presented to Ben Wicks & Jean Maye


Redline International Film Festival Official Selection

Redline International Film Festival (2018)
Official Selection



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